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Guitar Picks

Guitar Picks 

As Ireland's premier supplier of Guitar Picks, we stock a large range. Our selection of Guitar Plectrums includes the best selling Dunlop picks as well as Thumb and Finger picks. Dunlop's Nylon Guitar Picks remain an industry standard as well as their Delrin and Tortex Guitar Plectrums which we keep stocked along with further picks from the Dunlop range. Dava Plectrums offer a great range too and we also stock the German retro Herdim plectrums as used by U2's The Edge as well as other brands such as Herco and Wedgie

Guitar Picks come in all shapes and sizes and can really affect your tone and style. You're never too long in the tooth to find a new Guitar Pick. Plectrums come in various gauges of thickness from soft to heavy, this can produce various different tones. For example, heavy gauge picks tend to make a string sound softer whereas a light gauge tends to produce a more 'toppy' sound when picking. For strumming, lighter gauges are more popular. 

Guitar Picks Summary:

  • Huge range of picks from Dunlop to Herdim in stock
  • Players packs for extra value
  • Best selling plectrums in stock
  • Buy Plectrums online now

Guitar Picks from us...

We ship guitar picks worldwide to most countries from just €2.50. Orders are usually dispatched same day if placed before 2pm GMT Monday-Friday. All our guitar plectrums come from official brand distributors to guarantee you the quality guitarists expect.

  • Dunlop Nylon Plectrums Ireland
  • Herdim Nylon Plectrums
  • Celluloid Plectrums 12-Pack
    €6.99 €5.50
  • Dunlop Tortex Plectrums
  • Jim Dunlop Pick Holder
  • Dunlop Nickel Silver Finger & Thumbpick Sets
  • Wedgie XT Nylon Picks
  • Dunlop Delrin Plectrums
  • Jim Dunlop Large Fingerpick
  • Dunlop Nylon Big Stubby Picks
  • Wedgie Delrin EX Plectrums 12 Pack
    €6.99 €5.50
  • Dunlop Tortex Triangle Plectrums
  • Dunlop Gels Plectrums
  • Dunlop Zookies Thumbpicks 4-Pack
  • Martin Lifespan Limited Edition SP Pikcard
  • Dunlop Jazz III Plectrums
  • Dunlop Big Stubby Plectrums
  • Herco Nylon Flex Players Packs
  • Dunlop Shell Players Packs
  • Super Strings Pikcard Front