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  • Ernie Ball Paradigm Acoustic Guitar Strings

Ernie Ball Paradigm Acoustic Guitar Strings

reg. €22.99

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Ernie Ball Paradigm Acoustic Strings

Ernie Ball Paradigm Acoustic Strings were introduced in 2017. Ernie Ball Paradigm strings take string technology to the next level.

Yeah, yeah, isn't that what all the brands say when they launch a new string?
You'd be forgiven for asking that. Indeed, as a string specialist, we also take the marketing blurb with a pinch of salt and the fact is, most of our customers found the strings they like years ago and they're happy with their choice. Getting them to try new products isn't something they want to do too often and as string players ourselves we understand this.

But it is 2017 and technology is always advancing. So when Ernie Ball said they were going to back up their claims about these new Paradigm strings with a guarantee to be the most break-resistant strings on the market we spilt our coffee!
Ernie ball say if the strings break or rust within 90 days they will replace them!

So, what are Paradigm Guitar Strings?
Plasma-enhanced wrap wires, ultra-high-strength steel, Everlast nano-treatment, Ernie Ball’s patented lock twist to ensure superior tensile and fatigue strength. All the lingo is there if you dare but we're not going to bore you with all that. Let's just say, these strings have made the other brands stand up and notice, so that combined with a guarantee should convince you that these yokes might be just worth a try. The jury is out and we await your reviews to see if these truly are innovation or yet more marketing bollocks.

Ernie Ball Paradigm Acoustic Strings summary:

Ernie Ball Paradigm Acoustic Strings and us...

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