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Gift Certificates for Musicians

Posted by Superstrings on

Gift Certificates for Musicians

You may not know this but we have an automated Gift Certificate product at Superstrings.

The way it works is you fill out the form, pay for it and an email containing the certificate code is automatically emailed to your recipient. 

You are asked to provide a recipient's email address and to choose a theme such as Christmas, Birthday, etc. The theme is just the flavour of the email that is sent to the recipient. 
The email they receive contains the gift certificate code which they can use at along with your personal message. It's easy and quick and perfect for those last minute gift ideas. 

Some customers prefer to put the gift certificate code in a physical card. To do this, just put yourself as the recipient and the code will be emailed to you. Just copy the code into your card if you prefer. 

That's it. Check out our Automated Gift Certificates and see how easy it is to send your musician buddies a gift they'll really appreciate. 

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We're now operating a rewards program. It works based on your activity with us. To participate you must have a Superstrings Account which you can signup for here. If you check out with us as a guest, no account is created. If you have an account but still check out as a guest your order will [...]

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Elixir Bonus Packs

If you're an Elixir Strings player you'll know that Elixir Specials don't come along very often. But occasionally Elixir do come up with something fantastic and they've done it again this fall with their Elixir Bonus Packs Special. Basically it's 3 sets for the price of 2 which is fantastic value! The Bonus Packs offer is limited [...]

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Introducing Graphene Guitar Strings

Superstrings is excited to announce the world's first graphene guitar strings. Located in the bog lands of Mayo, Ireland, the Superstrings development team have been hard at work on their latest innovation following on from last year's Wifi Guitar Tuner.We caught up with April Thurst, head of Superstrings product development, to get the low down on this most exciting [...]

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Exclusive Interview with Newtone Strings

Since the 1980's Newtone Strings have been a bit of a trade secret. As only 1 of 3 UK based instrument String makers, Newtone's reputation for quality handmade strings is regarded across the world. In 2015, Malcolm Newton decided to retire and the company is now owned a run by Malcolm's long stand apprentice, Neil Silverman, [...]

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Customer Spotlight October 2015

At Superstrings we're privileged to have so many supportive and talented musician customers. In this series of blog posts we to shine the spotlight on a few of them...... Rose and Gordon Rose & Gordon have been playing together for some twenty years.  They play a mix of Irish Traditional and American Bluegrass tunes and songs. As well [...]

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Summer NAMM 2015 Top Picks

Summer NAMM 2015 Coverage: Top 10 PicksIf you’re a guitar geek or a gear head, then Nashville Tennessee is the place to be this summer. Music City Center recently hosted Summer NAMM 2015, and even though Summer NAMM (as opposed to Winter NAMM) focuses more on industry meetings and professional development than products, this year [...]

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Modern Usage of Guitar Effects

Modern Usage of Guitar Effects: A quick walkthrough of my pedalboardThroughout the history of modern music, the usage of guitar effects has always been an essential element in music such as Psychedelic Rock and Classic Rock, as it helps create many soundscapes and textures that add a variety of tonal qualities to the music. Modern [...]

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New Martin String Packaging

Martin have finally updated their string packaging. The old style cardboard box is gone and like many other brands they have adopted a sealed pack to stop corrosion. They have also dropped the confusing 'two strings in an envelope' and each string now comes in its own envelope. The new packaging is starting to arrive now in some Martin lines.Martin has also [...]

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Internet Guitar Tuner

Super Strings is pleased to introduce the world's first ever Guitar Tuner with onboard internet!In their latest innovation, following last year's groundbreaking Left Handed capo, Super Strings have pulled out all the stops with what is likely to become a worldwide phenomenon. "We've been working on this highly secret project for three years" said April Thurst, head of [...]

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